We have a large land portfolio on which the team at BSMS Security are prompt to report on and deal with any issues. They happily follow up with us on anything as needed. We work well together and they consistently meet our expectations. They also provide us with a value for money service.

Bluescope Steel

When looking after security for our sites, they always have our best interests at heart and do a great job. They are committed to ensuring our business needs are met and are willing to expand if we require to do so. Overall I find them very professional and a pleasure to deal with.

Parramatta City Council

We operate six sites and have two more coming, and BSMS Security is always accommodating and flexible with our needs. They are now in the second term of contract with us, and we reappointed them as we are very pleased with their service. We had a lot of difficulties in cash collection with the last provider we used, but ever since BSMS Security has taken over, there have been zero complaints. They are pretty spot on with everything they do. The feedback from all my team is that their customer service is excellent, they are very flexible, always on time and friendly.

Liverpool City Council

We wanted a company that understood our culture and the way we do things, and BSMS Security fell into that slot very easily. They perform to their KPIs every month and never fail. I have been in this game for about forty odd years now, and they are probably the most professional group I have worked with. They never leave anything untouched and always make sure what we want is what we get. This applies to both the guard and patrol and electronic security work they do for us.

Port Botany Port

BSMS Security have been a breath of fresh air compared with our last contractor. They have delivered a superior service whilst significantly reducing our costs. They are professional, friendly, courteous and flexible as they have been willing to accept and go along with minor changes we have requested. The officers they supply are all well presented and they perform their duties as expected and as required.

Port Kembla Port Corporation

Both the management team and their staff on the ground are very professional with their attitude to their roles and task, they all work hard to meet our needs.

The team at BSMS Security are very intelligent and precise in what they do. They always seem happy and proud to provide their service to us. They are a pleasure to deal with.

Central Coast Council

BSMS Security are very good to deal with and what they do, they do very well indeed. Their people are easy to get along with and their employees are good, intelligent workers.

Hunter Water

This is a very good security business who I have been happy to use for a number of security services because their staff are always dependable- they arrive on time and always fulfill our expectations.


They are a great company to deal with. We use them for both CCTV & Alarms. We are very happy with their service as they respond to problems within couple of hours- even on weekends, which is very reassuring. They give us what we want, they are very obliging, I can contact their Management directly and they are very accommodating. Once they have installed everything, they then train our management teams on how to operate the systems.

NSW Police

BSMS Security officers are very responsive, flexible and willing to help. They follow instructions, they are proactive and keen to assist and they go the extra mile. The management are professional, friendly with good communication and their customer service is very good.

NSW Ports