Access control is a key component in protecting your facility, maintaining business continuity, and ensuring customer safety. Access Control systems are designed to permit the free flow of authorised movement into any business, whilst denying entry to unwanted visitors and staff.

BSMS Security installs services and maintains Electronic Access Control Systems from basic Single door Systems right through to major multi-site systems. BSMS Security offers a range of Access Control systems including swipe cards or pin codes, and proximity readers.

Benefits of using BSMS Security Access Control:
  • Safeguard company assets

  • Manage Security from a central location: Multiple facility systems can be linked to a central server that allows access points to be monitored and user databases to be managed from the one location.

  • Cut cost of ownership: Reduce dependency on keys and locks that constantly need to be changed or replaced when an employee leaves. Easy re-carding and inexpensive programmable replacements can dramatically lower the cost of keeping your facility secure.

BSMS Security can have your Access control systems integrated into other systems in your facility, such as time and attendance records, and CCTV systems, which will activate when a door is opened to provide usual proof of who is entering the building. We can connect your access control to your alarm system so that you can gain instant access with a single swipe or scan. Lights can also be turned automatically you swipe or scan access control.


BSMS Security has accreditation and extensive ongoing experience in:

  • GE Tecom Challenger Access and Security systems and accreditation to Version 10 & Forcefield level

  • Inner Range Concept 4000 Access and Security systems to accredited installer level

  • Innerrange Concept Integrity

  • Department of Defence: RAAF Base Williamstown

  • Arvia Apartments

  • NSW Police Force

  • Central Coast Council

  • Ausgrid Substations