BSMS Security offers the latest technology security monitoring services tailored to suit your needs.

Our Services include :

  • Alarm Monitoring Centre

  • Alarm Events Classifications

  • Remote Systems Alarming

  • Open & Closing Schedule Monitoring

  • IP Monitoring

  • Videofied – CCTV Monitoring

BSMS Difference :
  • To give our clients peace of mind, our state-of-the-art Alarm Monitoring Centre operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When an alarm system that has back to base alarm monitoring is activated by tampering, intrusion or power failure, an alarm signal is sent directly to the BSMS Security Alarm Monitoring Centre. The alarm signal is received as an urgent priority by our experienced Alarm Monitoring Centre Operators and actioned immediately.

  • Initially when your security alarm monitoring is set up with BSMS Security, you can speak to one of our trained Alarm Monitoring Centre Operators and plan the response you wish to be taken.

    Your plan can include:

    • Calling you or a designated member of your family or business directly

    • Phoning your home or premises

    • Sending the Police or Ambulance Service

    • Sending out a Guard Patrol

Advantages of Alarm System Monitoring using BSMS Security Control Room :
  • Standard responses and procedures, or Client specific monitoring procedures available upon negotiation

  • Wide range of receiver types available

  • Wide range of dialer receiver transmission formats available

  • Comprehensive selection of available reports

  • Command back (command instructions to panels) from operators console (where supported by the alarm transmission device or network)

  • Technicians, Installers, Guards

  • Direct faxing from database

  • Direct paging from database

  • Redundancy and Reliability of systems and network

  • Large range of services provided.


In an endeavour to provide clients with an appropriate, timely and accurate report of transactions on monitored systems BSMS has an automated email report. Reports can be generated to give a full event history of all transactions on a monitored system or alternatively set up to report on exceptional events such as alarms, communication failures, power failures, low battery alarms etc. Many Customers choose this as the means to consolidate reports on systems that are monitored.

Security Managers have commented that they can now make decisions quickly, based on appropriate, timely and accurate reports arriving on their email service the next day of business.

This allows Security Managers to follow up on finger trouble involving staff and cleaner problems in operating alarms as well as any instances of perceived hardware problems that would require a service technician to be called.

We will provide monthly monitoring reports on your premises alarm activity to keep you informed on how your assets security systems are performing.

The reports we will provide are as follows:

  • Intruder alarms (perimeter and internal motion detection)

  • Hold up alarms

  • Late to close alarms

As part of the “Service Partnership” these reports will allow us to jointly identify any trends in your alarm activations, which in turn will give us both the opportunity to proactively rectify any problems.

The BSMS Customer Service Program will be provided to you as a tool to assist you in managing your monitored security systems.