Over the years, Closed Circuit Television has dramatically improved to become an integral part of all good security systems. CCTV is not only a major benefit in identifying perpetrators; it is also a major visual deterrent. BSMS Security has been at the forefront of the ever evolving CCTV industry for well over a decade.


We have an extensive range networked and analogue camera solutions to suit all budgets and requirements. We can provide a low cost standard definition camera package through to a high- definition megapixel camera and hard drive solution.

Security Cameras can be integrated with access control functions to automatically focus on a specific door as it is activated by an access control reader or alarm input so that when alarm is activated the camera is triggered to focus at the point of intrusion.

BSMS Security can incorporate a camera to trigger every time the cash draw is opened to assist in with under or over when balancing the daily takings.

BSMS Security offer a range of CCTV systems ranging from simple standalone systems to complex campus wide networked systems with multi-user capacity. We will select proven technology from reputable manufacturers who are prepared to enter product support agreements for their equipment.

Our technicians are highly experience and hold following accreditations:

  • Genetec IP CCTV Software accreditation

  • Milestone IP CCTV Software accreditation

  • Axis IP CCTV Cameras accreditation

  • Hikvision IP CCTV Cameras accreditation

  • Pacom, March, Bosch, Honeywell DVR Systems


We have designed, implemented and maintained thousands of CCTV systems from basic home systems to major projects like :

  • NSW Police Force

  • Central Coast Council

  • Hunter New England Area Health

  • Ausgrid Substations

  • Rural Fire Stations across NSW

  • Department of Housing

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs NSW

  • Woolworths, Big W, to name a few.