Our people are the most important component for delivering value to our clients; they truly make the difference. We understand the combination of nature and culture present in every client workplace in which we provide service. This interplay of nature and culture underlies our sustainable development initiatives which deliver benefit to local communities in which we serve and community in general.

Environmental Sustainability

Although we are not a producer of finished goods that rely on consumption and/or conversion of raw materials, we have initiated a green office program which benefit us and our clients.

There are two initiatives to the program, behavioural and structural. Behavioural includes things like switching off computers and lights when not in use. Structural changes include office administration and procurement activities.

Our Green Office program encourages our people to “reduce, reuse, recycle and turn off”. The program helps everyone play a role in reducing our collective environmental impact by sharing valuable sustainability tips for the workplace.

For example, did you know throwing an apple core into the paper recycling bin means the whole bin can’t be recycled?

Our focus will be on three areas:

  • Conserve our energy – Turn off the power when not in use.
  • Get rid of waste – Reduce waste by thinking green.
  • Conserve water – Think about your water consumption.