BSMS Security is client focused organization and has 3 fundamental values- Attention to detail, Delivery as defined and Integrity. They serve as guidance for our employees in ensuring that we deliver best of the services and meet our client’s expectations.

Attention to detail
  • Identifying, assessing, conceptualizing, designing & implementing security solutions

  • Threat assessment, risk analysis and recommendations for upgrading of security measures at the facility

  • Provision of trained, uniformed and responsive security personnel

  • Conducting awareness and practical customised training for management staff and employees.

  • Assisting managements to formulate crisis management, emergency response and business continuity plans and manuals.

Delivery as defined

Today’s growing complexities in community and changing needs of client have raised demand for reliable and tailor made security solutions. BSMS Security stands for its consistent delivery of an excellent value for money experience, day after day, year after year, regardless of who happens to be on the front lines of the delivery process.


BSMS Security never compromises in its demand for integrity. Integrity also includes openly expressing one’s opinion, reporting wrongdoing and not withholding information.