BSMS Security is a quality assured company and all our security personnel are highly committed to the quality culture within the company and its continuous improvement. BSMS Security ensures that positive environment is provided and all security personnel behave in an appropriate manner and practice appropriate social interactions.

All officers are committed to BSMS Security officer competency program which also focus on individual professional conduct. All officers are evaluated on quarterly basis and report is submitted to the account manager.

BSMS Security believes the system and account management model that BSMS has in place for incident management, competencies and training matrix, monitoring and maintaining the quality of operational performance are unique in its way. It is innovative and it helps improve efficiency, provides transparency of security operations and provides our client with better understanding of trends within each of the sites. It provides them with an improved understanding of the distribution of incidents over the time of day, day of the week and period of the year.

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BSMS Security Licences

BSMS Security have proven we have exceeded best practice standards by the winning of the Australian Achiever Award for Guard, Patrol and Electronic Security Services for years 2010,2011, 2013 & 2015. This award involves an independent body contacting our existing customers with a questionnaire to determine best practice, and where they have been exceeded. BSMS Security achieved National Winner of the 2015 Australian Achiever Award for Guards & Patrol and NSW State Winner for Electronic Services.

BSMS Awards