BSMS Security secures Hunter Water

Hunter water added to BSMS Security growing list of client portfolio in the utilities & infrastructure segment.

BSMS Security cash in transit services include the secure collection, transportation and processing of cash, cheques and other valuables for our clients.
Benefits of using BSMS Security cash in transit services:
• Better security
• Reduction in shrinkage
• Reduce the OH&S risk for your staff in cash handling
• Increase staff productivity
• Limited cash exposure
• Counterfeit Detection
• A safer working environment for your staff
• Greater peace of mind
• No risk to your staff taking valuable to the bank
• Comprehensive insurance coverage throughout the cash management process
• Dedicated CIT Vehicles
• Account for cash and valuables delivered
• Provide regular or ad-hoc collections
• Provide regular or ad-hoc change delivery

Thursday,21st January 2016